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Miss “F” birthday skirt with a county twist

Hi, I am Tereza from Aura Borealis. I live in Prague, Czech Republic. I sew kids and women clothes for about 5 years. I do design patterns myself, but when I see a styllish one I can not resist to buy it and then sew it my way. Here I sew my version of Compagnie-M Swing skirt. It was for our Miss “F” 2nd birthday party. I wanted to create something that would remind us of an English countryside – the fine brick collor corduroy and the woolen teal and khaki tartan with a brick collor lurex lines was a perfect match. Because I would like the skirt to last our little Miss for a while, I added an adjustable waistband. Because It can get quite cold in our region I also added khaki viscose lining to give a little extra insulation. To add a bit of “sparkle” to go with the lurex, I added sateen pipping to line the pockets and also make in the pockets topstitched center seam, to add some “weight” at the sides. I hope you will like it as our Miss did! Thank you, Kind regards Tereza





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