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My first knitted cardigan

By 15/06/2016Blog

When so many bloggers start to knit, I feel like picking up this old hobby of mine too. So I knitted a couple of cardigans for the girls and afterwards only started realising that I could use a warm one too!


At a Louisa workshop Debbie wore an amazing cardigan. I immediately fell in love with the pattern! Not a standard Bernadette. Personally I think this pattern is a bit more special…


I found the perfect wool for my project at Julija’s shop. Of course! I knitted 3 yarns of Sable together to get the right thickness.


I’m soooo in love with the wool (softness and colour!) and with the project. I must admit that I don’t know where Debbie got the pattern ( I tried to figure it out!!) but Julie will launch a very similar cardigan in het 3rd book (that I will surely buy!!).


The only thing I changed is the shape of the sleeves. The original sleeves were ‘bell sleeves‘, but I took the round shape at the cuff out and divided the extra stitches evenly towards the top.


I know that you would not expect this type of winter cardigan on my blog now, but I wanted to take this one with me on holiday. Can you imagine me sitting at the campfire watching the stars? :) I’m ready to leave! We will head to Romania & Ukraine. How about you?



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