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My first Lotte Martens experience!

By Monday,20 July,2015Blog

Lotte Martens is an amazing textile designer. When she launched her first screen printed fabrics, I was impressed. But although I have quite some sewing experience I didn’t dare to buy one of her beautiful creations. Only about a couple of weeks ago, I’ve for example cut my very first Liberty ever. But I think I will not stop buying more expensive fabrics now… This one was a gift, but I just got caught by the ‘expensive-fabric-virus’!

Compagnie-M-Lotte-Martens-stoffen 2

I combined Lotte’s Vuurdoorn with the Billie blouse pattern from the Belgian magazine La Maison Victor. An amazing pattern! I made a muslin first (of course) and the size 40 is just perfect for me. (I had size 44 before in LMV patterns!)

Compagnie-M-Lotte-Martens-stoffen 4

Bjorn had a great idea: let’s go to C-mine (Genk). There’s this big labyrinth at the moment. A great piece of art by Gijs Van Vaerenbergh. We love it. Packed with my handmade stuff and a camera we took picture of both my blouse and one of my other Ileana dresses. The perfect location since I love this yellow / grey contrast a lot.

Compagnie-M-Lotte-Martens-stoffen 3

At first I wanted to add the screen printing detail of Lotte Martens’ fabric at the front, but the height of the panel was too small. But I’m glad it did, because I love it even more at the sleeve. Asymmetrical. Just because… (and I have a small piece left now!)

Compagnie-M-Lotte-Martens-stoffen 1

The structure of the steel was amazing and even reflected the bright color of the fabric. We were lucky with this extra effect. :)

Compagnie-M-Lotte-Martens-stoffen 6

Make sure to visit the labyrinth with you kids if you can. And come back to my blog  on Wednesday evening. Then I will show you the 2nd option of my Ileana dress: the raglan sleeve… starring Lisa!

Compagnie-M-Lotte-Martens-stoffen 7

By the way: these amazing fabrics are for sale on Lotta Martens’ website, at Bobby Sewing (Mortsel) and at Bambiblauw (online).


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