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My first, my love, my Louisa

Thank you for taking a look at my Louisa dress!
My first This is the very first Louisa dress I make and my first Compagnie M creation. It is even the very first winter dress I make. That means also the first time using lining, putting in sleeves, making piping myself, even the first time adding a (blind!) zipper.
As a young (ahum) mother, I decided to start sewing for my little one about a year ago. I started buying nice fabrics (like this one from Petit Pan), but the fabrics remained piled up as an unfulfilled promise to wonderful creations. Until, in December, I accidentally saw a picture on the internet of a lovely, really lovely dress. Indeed, it was the Louisa dress. I impulsively bought the pattern, with the intention to practice first on some easier garments.
The pattern was put in the closet, but I could not stop thinking how lovely the dress would be. The tutorial seemed really clear, so I skipped the practice and in January, I decided to make this dress. Thanks to the nice tutorials on the Compagnie M blog, I succeeded.
My love I made this Louisa dress for my little love, Nina Elise (16 months old). As I thought it would take me a lot more time to finish it, I made the 2 year version. I shortened the dress quite a bit, as well as the sleeves (I used the long sleeves from the Mara blouse), as I want to put it on to her already. My daughter gets ecstatic when she sees the nice dress/fabric, but as she doesn’t stand, nor walk independently, I couldn’t take pictures of her wearing my creation. My Louisa Everything comes together in this dress; my first + my love = my Louisa.
The pics you see here are from Nina Elise’s dress, being modelled by her lovely niece Emiliana, who is 2y. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it.

Thanks Compagnie M, for making me want to sew.


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