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My first Nina for girls: vintage… all the way!

By Wednesday,17 June,2015Blog, Nina skirt and culottes

I don’t know if you noticed yet, but I’m trying to get rid of the mess in my house. Before I even started reading Marie Kondo’s book, I stared to feel the urge to bring half of my stuff to the thrift store. Even half of my fabrics where sold. The vintage sheet I’m using here was one of the fabrics that no one was interested in. So I thought: let’s prove that it’s stunning piece of curtain! :)

Compagnie-M_Nina_skirt_culottes_lucy_top 3


Compagnie-M_Nina_skirt_culottes_lucy_top 9

For my first Nina for girls I choose to make a skirt with a fly front zipper.

Compagnie-M_Nina_skirt_culottes_lucy_top 11


Compagnie-M_Nina_skirt_culottes_lucy_top 7


From the beginning I had the idea to combine it with a solid blue Lucy top (with a 2euro fabric I bought in Paris). I think these shirring tops look really cute on my girls. But when Lisa tried it on last week, she hoped it would be a dress. So I know what to do! ;)

Compagnie-M_Nina_skirt_culottes_lucy_top 12

Compagnie-M_Nina_skirt_culottes_lucy_top 1

At the bottom of the Nina I added a piece of ribbon that was in my stash for ages already.

Compagnie-M_Nina_skirt_culottes_lucy_top 6

Pink buttons to close the skirt & on the faux button placket of the Lucy top to make sure Lisa & Nore will love it!

Compagnie-M_Nina_skirt_culottes_lucy_top 10

I went to the park with Nore to take pictures. She was really in the right mood, so I couldn’t decide on which pictures to show. So I just publish a large selection.

Compagnie-M_Nina_skirt_culottes_lucy_top 8

From time to time Nore can really laugh very hard with herself (when I ask her to smile). That’s why happened during this photo shoot. Don’t you think she’s stinking cute?

Compagnie-M_Nina_skirt_culottes_lucy_top 3

Compagnie-M_Nina_skirt_culottes_lucy_top 4

Compagnie-M_Nina_skirt_culottes_lucy_top 5

The pattern will be released next Wednesday the 24th of June. The testers results are amazing so I’m organising a small testers tour for sure!


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