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My last sewing projects for 2013!

Even before the sweaters I made these two projects: a quick one and a very long project! Let’s start with the coat. I’m just gonna show you the pics with some basic comments. Seems like all my energy for 2013 is used! 

The pattern is from Burda! Cheap but don’t expect more then 3 sentences of instructions! The fabric used for the lining is very cute! It was sponsored by Milà et moi! Thanks a lot!

And for the quick project I’ve chosen to pimp the girls’ little chairs! This great Birch fabric was sponsored by Lana Lotta. I don’t like to much Christmas decoration in our house, but these small things are just perfect!
A merry Christmas & a happy New Year to all of you!  Thanks for all your support and enthusiasm in 2013. Hope to see you back in 2014!

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