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My own shirt pattern!

Because I was so disappointed, when making the Ayashe Blouse, I decided to draw my own shirt pattern. Of course I don’t want to make a copy, but my own little creation… Yesterday I drew a lot of basic blocks because from now on I would like to draw my patterns in size 1yo – 10yo! Hope you’re happy with that? Now let’s get back to the shirt! Well here it is… I hope you like it?

I used another mysterious ‘floral design fabric’. No brand mentioned. What a pity! But to be honest, maybe I should have used another one, because this colour scheme is very similar to the Ayashe Blouse fabric I used… To me, this shirt looks really vintage. I added this cutwork edge that caused me some troubles. I was so stupid to attack the poor little thing with my iron! What was I thinking? And gone was the nice detail. So I had to take the whole shirt apart again and add a new one…  I added some small butterfly sleeves, the first one I’ve ever made. Also the button closure was new to me, but I’m fairly happy with the result!

When Nore tried my new shirt I noticed it is a little bit to wide, so a new version will follow soon! Still I think the shirt is sooo cute on her… There is still too much fabric at the back and the shoulder lines need to be shorter as well. So some homework needs to be done.  If my improved pattern is finished, I’ll not be launching this one immediately. I would like to have the pattern tested first… To be continued!

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