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My very first 7828…with new Nosh fabrics!

By Thursday,13 August,2015Blog

I got the chance to try some of the new Nosh fabrics released in the autumn collection. It’s a very colourful collection that I used for a summer style dress! ;) My very first Burda 7828. Finally! I’ve had the pattern waiting to be used for ages. Shame on me! I have a lot of great jersey fabrics that I will surely turn into more dresses. But let’s focus on the Nosh one first.

Compagnie-M_burda7828_nosh_fabrics 7

I always get the invitation by Nosh to try their new fabrics. Lucky me. The quality is amazing. Just like I would expect from organic fabrics.

Compagnie-M_burda7828_nosh_fabrics 2


Compagnie-M_burda7828_nosh_fabrics 3


I asked two of the Comapgnie M. blog readers for some advise on how to adjust the pattern for a perfect fit. An & Delphine helped me a lot! Thanks ladies. :)

Compagnie-M_burda7828_nosh_fabrics 6

And of course Bjorn helped me again with these beautiful pictures taken in a monastery in Bulgaria.

Compagnie-M_burda7828_nosh_fabrics 5


We are enjoining our holiday a lot. It’s super hot and the country is amazing. Different from Romania, but still the same type of experience. We only miss some contact with the locals since we don’t speak / understand any Bulgarian (and we do speak a bit Romanian already). That’s probably the only reason at the moment why I’d prefer to go to Romania again next year!

Compagnie-M_burda7828_nosh_fabrics 4


While we are enjoying our holiday, Britt still takes care of your orders. Thanks Britt! I see that the launch of the Ileana is a success so I’m glad that I can just relax without having to worry about our daily income! ;)

Compagnie-M_burda7828_nosh_fabrics 1

Hope you like my Nosh inspiration blogpost? Make sure to visit their website, since more amazing fabrics have been launched!



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