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My very first Noa pants!

By 18/08/2016Blog

I don’t know how this sometimes happens, but I never got to chance (till now) to show you my very first Noa pants. Hmmmm. Probably I was just too busy or the kids didn’t felt like taking pictures. Probably it was the 2nd reason. Hahaha!

Compagnie-M_Noa_pants_aime_comme_marie 2

Compagnie-M_Noa_pants_aime_comme_marie 3

But in Romania I took Lisa to the fields, between the haystacks with the Gutai mountain at the back. Our favourite place for a long long time.¬†This year we went to Ileana for a short visit because actually we were travelling through Slovakia. Romania was only a 400km detour….

Compagnie-M_Noa_pants_aime_comme_marie 5

Compagnie-M_Noa_pants_aime_comme_marie 4

Now back to the Noa. This first version is sewn with a left over of this project and one of my favourite Aime Comme Marie fabrics ever.

Compagnie-M_Noa_pants_aime_comme_marie 6

I didn’t have a matching top for the bright red print so I turned a thrifted fabric into a basic Malik shirt from La Maison Victor.


Constantina is Lisa & Nore’s neighbour in Breb. She joined us on this little photoshoot. Oh what a sweet sweet girl. I love it how we can just relax in Breb while the kids go play at the neighbours. That’s just the best on holiday!

Compagnie-M_Noa_pants_aime_comme_marie 8

Did you already sew a Noa? Feel free to leave a comment with a link to your blogpost. Since we were on holiday for a while, I might have missed your creation!

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