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Näh-Connection – Mara goes romper – or not?

Hi Compagnie.M readers, I’m Annika from the german blog Näh-Connection (Nähen is German for sewing).
I’m so glad to be part of this amazing blog action that Marte has put together. Haven’t the creations so far just been beautiful? Well, we all know that Marte’s patterns and instructions are extremly well thought through and so a pretty garment is the direct consequence. I’ve already sewn a Louisa dress (for easter) and an A-line variation of the Mara blouse (for x-mas) and loved both patterns.
Even more so since I was lucky enough to win them during the respective pattern tours! Anyways, back to today’s make: I decided to go with a summery look and chose to make a pseudo-romper outfit. Whenever I see a romper in the internet or in a magazine, I’m like „Uh, that’s so cute, but, ah, really not practical!“
Alone the thought of my four, almost, five year old daughter using a public restroom, taking of her romper and, uups, letting it drop to the floor… Aaa, no, i really don’t need this! I therefore decided that a pseudo-romper look is more to my like, adapting an idea that I saw first on Petit à petit and family (sorry I can’t find the respective blog post). Marte’s invitation to join her blog tour and a pattern test for Striped Swallow Designs (more about this today on my blog) were perfect to give this a try. I don’t want to talk too much about the pattern itself. I’m sure that during the last weeks you have already fallen in love with the Mara blouse. So I’ll keep this short. I already loved sewing the A-line Mara dress last winter, but I might like this version even better.
My daughter prefers to wear shorts/pants and the sleeveless version is also more versatile. Add a cardigan or even put it over a long-sleeve t-shirt and this is perfect for fall and maybe even winter. Plus, the bias binding of the arm holes yields a super beautiful finish. All in all the pattern is not difficult to sew, but also not a super fast sew. Preparing the bias tape, the piping and the button loops as well as attaching the bias tape and piping just take some time. Especially when you want the top-stitching to look nice. I sewed a size 5 for my daughter. Her measurements were in between sizes and as I was going for a more loose romper look, so I went with the bigger size. Instead of hemming the blouse, I zig zag stitched the bottom, ironed it to the wrong side, top-stitched it in place and inserted elastic.
I really love how the whole look turned out. The Mara blouse and the Coachella shorts go well with each other as they both make use of piping, bias-tape or other trim to let the design lines pop. I took the pics for this blog post at a „farewell party“ that we had to say goodbye to the old farm house that my mom grew up in. My grandparents died some year ago and so her siblings and she sold the house to a young couple and their baby daughter. Even though we are happy that new life will fill the house, it still wasn’t easy for my mom to give it to other people.
I’m happy that I was able to sew something „special“ to go with this milestone. Thanks, Marte for letting me be part of your „Mara blouse show“. I loved „visiting“ your blog!


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