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New Atelier Brunette fabrics!

By Friday,1 May,2015Blog

In Paris I got the chance to get my hands on some beautiful new Atelier Brunette fabrics! The quality is amazing. This fabric was not only my personal favourite, so I’m sure you’ll get some more inspiration soon! :)

Compagnie-M_paper_fan_dress_atelier_brunette 1
Compagnie-M_paper_fan_dress_atelier_brunette 2

As I was going through my purchased PDF patterns I stumbled upon this dress. A free paper fan pattern by Anna Maria Horner. Actually it was one of the first patterns I’ve ever pinned. Don’t know why it took me this long to make it. I think the design is amazing. I love the pleats at the front and the asymmetrical back.

Compagnie-M_paper_fan_dress_atelier_brunette 4
Compagnie-M_paper_fan_dress_atelier_brunette 3

Although technically it’s not the most sophisticated dress ever, I’m sure more will follow. I made this dress in only 3 hours time. Just two pattern pieces and 3 rectangles!

Compagnie-M_paper_fan_dress_atelier_brunette 5
Compagnie-M_paper_fan_dress_atelier_brunette 6

Nore was really happy to spend some time just with me. So we enjoyed taking those pictures a lot. That’s why there are soo many. ;)

Compagnie-M_paper_fan_dress_atelier_brunette 7
Compagnie-M_paper_fan_dress_atelier_brunette 8

Both fabrics are bought in Paris. I think it’s clear which one is the Atelier Brunette one!? I bought the grey fabric together with Nina in one of the amazing fabric coupon stores around Montmartre! Nina is the best fabric shopping friend ever! I hope to meet her and her lovely family again….

Compagnie-M_paper_fan_dress_atelier_brunette 10
Compagnie-M_paper_fan_dress_atelier_brunette 9

I will dedicate a blogpost to our Paris adventure on Monday, but I probably there’s no need to tell you that it was amazing ? I bought a big pile of fabrics for about 50euro, got spoiled with a lot of goodies (including my first Liverty of London fabric!) and got the chance to meet 15 great European seamstresses. On Monday I will share a link to a great give-away because we (or better Annika & Gioia)  didn’t forget you of course… To be continued!!

Compagnie-M_paper_fan_dress_atelier_brunette 12
Compagnie-M_paper_fan_dress_atelier_brunette 11

The Atelier Brunette fabric was sponsored by Bernina! Thanks. We got a voucher from them to spend at Anna Ka Bazaar!


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