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NEW in the shop: paper patterns!

By 30/01/2015Blog

I’ve been looking forward to this moment for a long time and now I can finally write this title: New in my shop: paper patterns! Can’t believe it yet, but just go and have a look. It’s true! I have paper pattern available from today!


These digital patterns have a new paper ‘twin version’: the Mara blouse, Louisa dress, Lotta skirt (both size ranges), Julia sweater (both size ranges) and the Lotta dress. Seven in total! You can purchase these paper patterns in the shop. Just make sure to select the paper option, the rest obviously stays the same. :)

A paper pattern costs 16 euro and includes: a paper pattern with seam allowance and a paper pattern without seam allowance (9 – 11 sizes depending on the size range), digital instructions in a language of your choice (Dutch, English, French or German), a fabric label, some nice postcards and of course a Compagnie M. style packaging. When you buy several patterns you get a discount, the more patterns you buy, the more discount you receive. More details in the shop!

You will be able to buy my patterns in different shops soon! I’ll make a list of all shops that sell my patterns after the weekend but I will keep you also up to date on my Facebookpage.Compagnie_MMMMM

When you buy a paper pattern in my shop, I’ll send along the digital version with the order confirmation. When you buy a paper pattern through one of my partners, you will find a unique code on the postcard that comes along with the pattern. You can use this code in my shop to download your free digital pattern and instructions. Just add the digital version of the pattern you’ve purchased to your cart, use the code at checkout and you will not be charged. This way your digital pattern and instructions will always be available for you on our website.

When you already have a digital pattern that you would like to upgrade, then you can buy this particular paper pattern for 9 euro. I will have more details on how to ‘exchange’ your digital pattern on Monday.  So don’t buy a paper version yet, when you already own the digital version. Just wait till after the weekend and we’ll come back to you. Promised!

Normally we will ship your orders 3 times a week : monday, wednesday and friday so you will get it pretty quick after your order.

Pattern updates:

Mara blouse

Together with the launch of the paper patterns, I updated a few of my patterns. The pattern that changed most is the Mara blouse pattern. I changed the width and the length of the blouse (less wide and a little bit longer) and I think the fit is better now. This was my very first pattern and I learned a lot in the meanwhile. I really felt the urge to update this pattern. The testers will start sharing their versions of the new Mara soon!  When you purchased the digital pattern before, you will find the new Mara blouse under your account.

Julia sweater for kids

I added the same new chapter about fabric recommendations to the Julia sweater for kids. When you have bought this pattern before I would recommend you to download the instructions again.

Julia sweater for teens & women

NEW LANGUAGES: Also available in German and French from Monday! Hooray!

Last but not least

You always find the most recent versions of my patterns and instructions under ‘My Account’. I always advice you to download the last version before you start sewing (especially when you leave a long period of time between the moment of purchase and the time that you start sewing). I optimise my instructions constantly. When you send me emails or at workshops, I always get new ideas on how to explain techniques in a better way! I’m a perfectionist you know! ;)

That’s it for now, I guess! When you do have any questions at all, please feel free to leave a comment. I will be happy to help. Thanks !!

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