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Nina pattern tour #7: Modern handmade

April is one of those bloggers that I admire because of her vintage style. I don’t have to tell you that I share this passion with her? ;) What I only just now found out is that she actually started blogging in 2007 (!) with topics like food, restaurants,… Wow. What a big change! That’s what I love to do when I visit blogs: do you ever go back to a very first blogpost? I do! I think it’s really interesting to read why people in the first place start writing about their passions… So hop over to Modern Handmade, admire her cute polka dot Nina and explore a bit: it’s really interesting!


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  • April says:

    Thanks for having me as part of the tour, Marte! Yes, my other passion is food. Though I don’t do quite the amount of cooking elaborate meals or eating out quite as often. I couldn’t have predicted how much I would love sewing!

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