Nina skirt without zipper + the tutorial!

From Joanna (the owner of Bobby Sewing) I learned a great trick: when your kids don’t have wide hips in comparison to the waist, you can sew my Nina skirt or culottes without adding a zipper. The little trick to do so: turn your fabric in the bias direction (45°) when you cut the fabric. This way you will add a little bit of stretch to get the skirt on. I tried this little trick with a fluo striped Petit Pan fabric because I think this gives an extra nice touch to this idea. At the bottom of this blogpost you’ll find a link to the tutorial to make this skirt starting from the Nina. An one hour project!

Compagnie-M_Nina_culottes_skirt_petit_pan 8


I added an elastic in the waistband and a slightly adjusted pocket. I started from the faux flap pockets from the women Nina to cut these patch pockets. Of course the buttons are there only for decoration. :) Whenever I can add buttons I just do so. I love buttons a lot!!

Compagnie-M_Nina_culottes_skirt_petit_pan 6


Compagnie-M_Nina_culottes_skirt_petit_pan 5


At the side seam I added a label made from the selvedge. I always forget names of fabrics and this way I won’t. Adding a Compagnie M. labels was not an option at all. The colours wouldn’t really match. :)

Compagnie-M_Nina_culottes_skirt_petit_pan 4

Compagnie-M_Nina_culottes_skirt_petit_pan 3


Tomorrow the Nina pattern for kids will be launched. Doesn’t that make you ‘happy’? :) The girls / mothers that tested the new pattern where super satisfied with the result. A test without any adjustments. Of course I was thrilled with the result too.

Compagnie-M_Nina_culottes_skirt_petit_pan 2

Compagnie-M_Nina_culottes_skirt_petit_pan 9

Compagnie-M_Nina_culottes_skirt_petit_pan 7

Do you feel like sewing your own super fast Nina? You can find the tutorial on my website this evening! :)

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