Nora’s Biene Maja Dress

Hi, my name is Franziska. Under my label, “LumpiLampi”, I sew clothes and other things for my two children, my husband and myself.

My 2-year-old daughter Nora, like myself 30 years ago, is a big fan of “Biene Maja” (“Maya the Bee”), a cartoon very popular in Germany. So I was thrilled when I found this used 80’s bed linen online. So much Biene Maja fabric! And the Louisa Dress was the perfect pattern for it.

I used a piece of the vintage fabric for the pocket, the rest is made from dark blue chambray. As my daughter is a featherweight and small for her age, I sewed the pattern for 1,5 years, even though she is almost 2,5 years old. I tend to make her dresses quite short, so they don’t get in her way when she is climbing around on the playground and I think the fit works quite well for her.

I used pink piping for the pockets. I love piping! The way it is used in the pattern and the shape of the pockets are my two favorite details of the Louisa Dress. The buttons are just plain wooden ones as the fabric is kind of “noisy” as it is.

The dress is not lined, I just added pink facing. Now, in the fall, Nora wears it with knitted leggings and a long sleeve shirt underneath.

I really love this pattern. And Nora is totally in love with her Biene Maja dress, which, of course, is what matters most to me.

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