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Nosh organics: new collection!

By 11/07/2016Blog

Nosh invited me AGAIN to test their new organic fabrics. Thanks a lot for the opportunity!!!

Compagnie-M_Susanne_dress_nosh 1

How can I refuse such an offer when their fabrics match the theme of this contributor’s week so well?

Compagnie-M_Susanne_dress_nosh 2

I selected a fabric that I could easily combine with a left over of my previous Nosh project and turned the Susanne into an oversized dress.

Compagnie-M_Susanne_dress_nosh 14

In stead of folding the pockets of the Susanne outwards, I overlapped both front panels and added a triangular contrasting piece in between to close the open area in the middle. The new Nosh fabrics match perfectly with the previous collection. Lisa & Nore are a big fan of their ‘butterfly dress’ so this one is an instant hit as well.

Compagnie-M_Susanne_dress_nosh 4

From the moment it’s a bit too cold to wear a summer dress, Lisa always picks this one from our holiday wardrobe. In this case it was early in the morning! I adore her with her ‘just out of bed look’. I really didn’t comb her hair yet!

Compagnie-M_Susanne_dress_nosh 5

I finished the edges of the Susanne with my serger. At the hem the fabric started curling upwards and the dress turnout out too short. Ggggrrrrmmmmbbbblll! That’s what I added a contrasting hem band. The favourite part of the dress in the end. ;)

Compagnie-M_Susanne_dress_nosh 6

I added two decorative buttons on the corners of the pocket flaps. This way the dress gets a Louisa touch. That’s probably why Lisa assumed that this dress had big pocket (the first time she tried it on.)

Compagnie-M_Susanne_dress_nosh 7

The buttons are great treasures from a flee market. I love the blue pink contrast a lot.

And for now I just let you enjoy the pictures (I hope you do of course). If you look really carefully you can see that the dress has a small stain at the front and it’s a bit wrinkled. I know! But since we are on holiday and I wanted to take the pictures in Slovakia, this was the best option! ;)

Compagnie-M_Susanne_dress_nosh 11

Compagnie-M_Susanne_dress_nosh 9
Compagnie-M_Susanne_dress_nosh 8

Compagnie-M_Susanne_dress_nosh 10

Compagnie-M_Susanne_dress_nosh 12

Compagnie-M_Susanne_dress_nosh 13

Compagnie-M_Susanne_dress_nosh 3

One last think I absolutely want to share with you: the two last ‘poses’ in the pictures were Lisa’s idea. I love it how she adds her own creativity in our photoshoots. I hope you can see the grass on the 2nd last pictures? And on the very last one, the butterfly is sitting on the flower she’s holding. I think that’s just so cute! Big love for my sweet girl.

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