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Hello from Breb!

Hello from Maramures! We made it and it's great! But we kind of already knew that, other wise we wouldn't never have chosen this place for our adventure... So maybe it's more appropriate to say: it's still exactly like in our dreams! Fantastic! After…
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Roller skate girl!

I was soooo lucky the other day that Nore was absolutely in a photo-shoot-mood! She kept telling to take more photographs: so it made it a very difficult job so make a selection! I don't have to tell you about the dress…
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Roller skate dress

Sewing an Oliver & S pattern was already for a long time on my todo list and when I saw the discount code at FrancesSuzanne for the Roller Skate Dress, that gave me the right impulse to buy my first…
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Mambo dress

I bought this very beautiful Belgian sewing book 'homemade minicouture' a while ago, but didn't really used it yet because the patterns start at the size of 3. This book is divided in two parts: one for boys and one for…
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Bubble skirt

The bubble skirt by Straight Grain was already for such a long time on my todo list. I love the simplicity of the design and yet it's such a special cute skirt! I was thinking of changing the skirt a little…
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BlogGive away

Vintage fabric give away

Just to thank you, my dear readers, I feel like giving away one meter of vintage fabric from my personal fabric stash! I hope you like to win his one? The perfect fabric to make my shirt pattern, when it's released.…
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BlogMara blouse

My own shirt pattern!

Because I was so disappointed, when making the Ayashe Blouse, I decided to draw my own shirt pattern. Of course I don't want to make a copy, but my own little creation... Yesterday I drew a lot of basic blocks because…
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About Compagnie M.Blog

Liebster Award

Two days ago 'the wardrobe surgeon' left this comment on my blog: I nominated you for a blogging award. Thanks a lot to nominate me! But what is this Liebster Blog Award about?  "The Liebster Blog Award is an award…
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Bubble shorts by E&E

Today is a special day for me: I  have my first guest post over at Heidi's beautiful blog Elegance & Elephants! So first of all I would like to thank Heidi for giving me this great opportunity. I’m sooo happy to get…
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BlogContestStella skirt

Fairytale Stella Skirt

When I made my first version of the Stella Skirt, I immediately though: I have to make this skirt with two different fabrics to show the asymmetry of the pattern better. Today I want to show you my 'fairytale version' of this skirt. I…
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Ayashe blouse

Time to show you a Figgy's pattern I've sewn last week. I'm really in love with the patterns on this cute little website. So I bought the Ayashe blouse and the Sunki dress patterns.... After buying the patterns I was sooo…
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