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Pattern hack: the Charles dress + free new pattern pieces!

September is the month of some free stuff! Today I’m showing you how to make a Charles dress! To sew this dress, you’ll have to adjust some Charles pants pattern pieces first, but believe me: it’s super easy! And I don’t let you draw the new back piece yourself. I did that for you! :) So with 10 minutes of your time you can sew a completely new dress with your Charles pants pattern. Yeah!

Compagnie-M_Charles_dress_pattern_hack 1

You can download the Dutch and English instructions together with the free pattern piece HERE, HERE and HERE! ;) They will be added to the new free stuff page too, once it’s been set-up! I added a lot of drawings for you to help you through the patten adjustments! You can even choose to make this Charles dress more A-line shaped too.

Compagnie-M_Charles_dress_pattern_hack 2

This is the result. Lisa is super happy with this dress. It’s different from all the other dresses in her closet and of course she likes the foxes fabric (bought at Bobby Sewing). I combined it with a super soft fabric from Mon Depot. Winter outfit number 2: check!

Compagnie-M_Charles_dress_pattern_hack 3

If you’d feel like sewing this dress too, but don’t have to Charles yet, I have great news for you. Every time I post a Mix & match idea / pattern hack, the pattern I use is for sale (10% discount) in my shop (till next Thursday)! I hope to post one idea with a free tutorial every Friday. So stay tuned. You will know what to sew!

Compagnie-M_Charles_dress_pattern_hack 10

Compagnie-M_Charles_dress_pattern_hack 5

Compagnie-M_Charles_dress_pattern_hack 9

Compagnie-M_Charles_dress_pattern_hack 6

Compagnie-M_Charles_dress_pattern_hack 11

Compagnie-M_Charles_dress_pattern_hack 8

Compagnie-M_Charles_dress_pattern_hack 4

I have the impression that we took these pictures in the last rays of sunshine that we will see for a long long time. :( Maybe even too much sun for a photoshoot! But I think Lisa’s cute anyway. Even with her eyes closed! ;)

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