Pattern + kit launch: Wallet project#17

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Okido folks! Let’s do this again. I’m starting to get used to this. Can you imagine? A new pattern has just been launched: wallet project#17. A project that was supposed to be for personal use, but hey… plans are there to be changed right?



Project #17 is a wallet pattern specially designed for fabrics that don’t unravel such as Kraft-Tex, cork leather or leather. This gives you the opportunity to experiment with the front flap. You can add a cut-out detail on the inside, cut fringes for a frivolous touch or changes the shape of the front edge. Everything is possible! Combine this basic pattern with your own creativity and you will have a unique and functional wallet in no time!



In this blogpost I’ll show you my last wallet (for now) and at the same time it’s the presentation of the last kit I assembled in co-operation with K-bas! This version is all about bling! We combined the beautiful cork leather with golden snaps. Of course.



And as a special touch I cut fringes to the front flap. It was my friend Sylvia that inspired me to add this touch! But I didn’t dare to cut them in fact. So I first took pictures without them and only afterwards I gave it a go. That’s why I have two versions of this one wallet.



At the front edge I used the selvage edge of the cork. Depending on the piece you buy this edge has a bit more gold. So when you’re lucky, why not use it?



Now let’s talk a bit about the kits. Mieke and I prepared 4 kits for you. You can find them on our new page. With the kits you can make these wallets and the one above of course.






A kit includes the pattern, the ‘fabric’ of your choice and the coordination notions like magnetic snaps, thread, a zipper and two fabric labels. We also included textile glue since some parts of the wallet are glued. Super easy, but a good trick to avoid stitching lines all over the wallet.


Next to this regular kits we have basic kits too. These are more basic (obviously) but very useful when you want to sew for example several wallets with the same fabrics. In this basic kit, the pattern, thread and glue are NOT included. You can re-use them from a regular kit. The rest stays the same.


Of course Mieke can also help you with special requests. So feel free to contact her.

The prices depend on the fabric you choose (between 22,95 euro – 29,95 euro). More details on our separate page! I hope you like this new project? Enjoy shopping!

PS/ just received a relevant question. When you order a package on our website, we send you the kit. So if you feel like adding some paper patterns to your order, feel free to do so. Thanks for thinking along. :)

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