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Pattern launch: Julia sweater

After the launch of the Louisa dress, it took my a long time to launch a new pattern but today I’m happy to announce my  Julia sweater pattern! You can buy the pattern IN MY SHOP!

Compagnie-M_julia_t-shirt_fragile_fabric 8

All details

The Julia Sweater is a versatile pattern with dolman sleeves and large cuffs. Quick and easy to sew & comfortable to wear! 

The PDF pattern includes:

  • Sizes: 1y, 18 months, 2y, 3y, 4y, 5y, 6y, 7y, 8y, 9y, 10y
  • Basic dolman sleeves sweater.
  • A pattern option to add a tunnel pocket.
  • A pattern option to add one or two faux button plackets.
  • Two options to finish the neckline: basic neckband & asymmetrical folded collar.

Important note: since I was not 100% satisfied with the result of the dress option, I took it out.

The pattern and instructions are available in English and Dutch. The French version will be released on the 3rd of April, so that’s already in a couple of days.

The 65 page PDF file includes:

  • Instructions (15 pages)
  • An A4 / letter size tiled pattern WITH seam allowance included (25 pages)
  • An A4 / letter size tiled pattern WITHOUT seam allowance included (25 pages)
  • An A0 pattern WITH seam allowance included.
  • An A0 pattern WITHOUT seam allowance included.

As you can see I’m also offering A0 files from now on. This way you can have your Julia sweater pattern printed at your local print shop.

Next to the single pattern which costs 7 euro, I’m also offering a 2pack together with the Swing skirt. You can buy the 2pack IN MY SHOP for only 9,50 euro!!
During the first week you receive a 10% discount on the Julia sweater pattern with this discount code: LAUNCH-JULIA

Compagnie-M_Julia_sweater_detail5   Compagnie-M_Julia_sweater_detail3   Compagnie-M_Julia_sweater_detail2   Compagnie-M_Julia_sweater_detail1   Compagnie-M_Julia_sweater_detail4

Story behind the pattern

While designing my Julia sweater pattern, I experience that it was probably the most difficult project I had been working on! At first site you might have the impression that designing a dolman sleeves sweater is super easy. Well not! The first difficulty to tackle was drawing the perfect curve for the underarm seam / sleeve. When you draw this curve to low, the girls wearing this sweater can’t raise their arms without showing their belly buttons.  When the curve is to high, kids can’t get their arms inside the sleeves & the result is not that ‘special’?  After making a lot of test versions I was finally satisfied with the result…. Happily the Julia sweater pattern is a very quick sewing project, other wise it would have taken even more time for me to develop a new pattern after the Louisa dress. ;)

Then when the test started, some of the feedback mails were contradictory. Sometimes the neckline was too big, other though it was slightly too small. The same comments I got for the waistband! What a difficult assignment it was to understand what all these testers had been doing. So I made an overview and I finally understood all the feedback. I must be honest with you that this was a difficult puzzle to make!

Fabric choice was the one factor that I didn’t control. All testers choose very different types of fabrics, which influenced the test a lot! So that’s why I’ve decided to write a tutorial on how to sew with knits! Not that’s is difficult. Not at all! You just have to consider these things before you start and then it’s super easy, quick and rewarding!

You can find the tutorial on HOW TO SEW KNITS on my tutorials page (English & Dutch).

A pattern tour… by you!

The interesting thing about this Julia sweater  is the versatility of the pattern. You can easily flip this sweater and make a very original interpretation. That’s what for example Kathleen did! That’s why I’ve decided not to organise a pattern tour at this moment. I want to give you a chance to take part in my pattern tour in 3 weeks time! This is what I have in mind. Hopefully you feel like participating!?

  • Sew one or more Julia sweaters & take some great pictures!
  • Send those pictures to before the 14th of April. You can add a small description of what you did, but keep it short.

Just make something that inspires the Compagnie M. followers. A pattern tour is all about showing the pattern’s possibilities, so just be creative! When you flip the pattern, you may write a tutorial, but you don’t have to.

I will make a selection of 5 – 10 sweaters depending on how many people will participate. This time it’s just me that you will have to persuade! ;) But please when you take part in this ‘contest’, don’t be disappointed when I don’t select your project. It should just be fun!

You don’t need to have a blog to participate, but if you have one: please keep your project a secret! Don’t show it on your blog, Facebook or Instagram yet! Otherwise it will not be a surprise anymore by the time you can show your project on my blog…

When I select your project, I will contact you shortly after the deadline. The pattern tour itself will start the 22nd of April. Good luck!

Pattern tour by you

Want to see what the testers made? 

You can have a look at my ‘testers round-up blogpost‘ or at my Flickr group.

How to order?

You can buy the Julia sweater HERE. The 2pack is available HERE.

When you order a pattern, you can pay with a direct bank transfer (within the EU) or with Paypal. When choose a direct bank transfer, please don’t forget to add your order number as a reference. When your oder is completed, you will receive an email with your files. Under My Account, you can always log-in and access to all your patterns again.

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  • Patricia says:

    Zo spijtig dat het in het Engels is. Dat vind ik zo zonde….ik heb er maar de helft van begrepen. denk ik

    • Compagnie M. says:

      Laat maar iets weten als je nog extra info wenst. M

      • Patricia says:

        Ik ga het toch niet kopen ,denk ik. Vermoed dat mijn 9 jarige dochter er niet meer gaat inpassen.

      • Compagnie M. says:

        Je mag me altijd de maten van je dochter doorsturen en dan kijk ik het graag voor je na. Ik heb dat net voor iemand anders ook gedaan. Groetjes, M

      • Patricia says:

        Evi haar maten zijn: bovenwijdte :68 ,taillewijdte : 59 , ruglengte 37 , totale lengte 1,43 m .
        Ik denk dat ze te groot is ,voor het patroon?

      • Compagnie M. says:

        Hey Patricia,
        in een 10 jaar zou je dochter nog wel moeten passen, maar dan is het patroontje natuurlijk nog maar voor één jaar. De tienermaten zouden er ook moeten aankomen. Dus misschien toch even wachten? Maar dan zal ze er natuurlijk ook nog wel eerst even moeten ingroeien. M

  • Stacy says:

    Is the Julia sweater for knits only?

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