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Pattern launch: the Lewis winter coat for boys

By 04/11/2016Blog
The Lewis coat for boys sewing pattern by Compagnie M. is a versatile winter coat with lots of options.

Surprise! Today I launch a new sewing pattern: the Lewis winter coat for boys. Really… for boys! After drawing the Louisa for girls, I wanted to organise a contest with 3 categories. One of those would be a winter coat for boys. Initially I wanted to write a tutorial on how to adjust the girl’s Louisa coat to a boys version, but after adjusting more than half the pattern pieces, I started realising that no one would adjust the pattern. Especially as it turned out more complex that I thought. I had to change the postion of the pocket, so the back changed too,… And so on and so on. That’s why I decided very impulsively to draw a coat pattern for boys.

When I mentioned my plan in the testers group, they were all super enthusiastic! The pattern was ready and they started to subscribe for a new test. Really: my testers are great and a bit crazy at the same time. Sewing two coats in a row with rather short deadlines is just too good to be true…  I don’t know how I can thank them? It’s just so amazing to see how engaged they are. THANKS THANKS THANKS!!!!

So let’s talk about the pattern and this lovely version by Laurence. Since the launch of this new Lewis coat is linked to the contest, I asked Laurence to present the new contest category. As we all know she is a super talented seamstress and she got the cutest boy ever, don’t you think? When I showed these pictures to my girls they started giggling.

When I got the idea for this Lewis winter coat I wanted to adjust the lines to a more tough looking coat. The coat is a shorter than the Louisa and I adjusted the A-line shape to a straight model. This way in the end the Lewis coat is so different from the Louisa. In many ways. I love how it turned out. I never ever thought that I would launch a specific boy’s sewing pattern but never say never!

The Lewis coat by Compagnie M. is a boy’s version of the Louisa coat for girls. With its unique pockets and two back options, you can play with fabrics and piping. You can choose to close your coat with buttons or a zipper. The hood and cuffs make this the perfect pattern for active boys.

Pattern options:

Two back options: basic back or split back  (beautiful in combination with the hood option)


Two closure options: zipper or buttons


Sportive look: with hood and cuffs

lewis-front-openLaurence went ‘all the way’ with my pattern. In fact I think she used exactly the same fabric as I did for my coat. So you can imagine that it was love at first sight when I opened her email.




I think it’s great to see how she added her own touch to my pattern. I love the toggle front on this coat!! (This closure is not a pattern option but you can easily add this yourself. The pattern pieces don’t change, you just select the button placket option.)




And of course the extra patches are just perfect for a boys coat. I would never ever think of adding those because I only have two girls. :)




This is Laurence’s little text she wrote for my blog. You can read more on the coat on hers…



Exact één jaar geleden slaakte ik op de boekenbeurs in Antwerpen een vreugdekreet toen ik ontdekte dat ik één van de winnaars was van de Compagnie M wedstrijd. In de categorie ‘Plain and Simple’ dan toch. Ik denk dat die categorie toen twee zaken bewezen heeft. Vooreerst dat het mogelijk is oeverloos creatief met de patronen van Marte om te springen zonder ook maar één lijn te veranderen (een pluim hier en daar, een mooie zeefdruk, heerlijke kleurencombinaties, you name it). Ten tweede dat, hoewel het vooral meisjesmama’s zijn die de weg vinden naar de shop, er ook voor jongens wat te rapen valt (gotta love those Charles pants). En zie nu! Een jaar later mag ik hier nog eens iets tonen. Een nieuw patroon zowaar, de LEWIS jas, mannelijke spin off van de Louisa jas. Opnieuw veranderde ik geen lijn van het ontwerp, maar ging ik total loss in de details.  Duidelijk doorstikte naden, wat applicaties, houtje-touwtjesluitingen, de jas kan het allemaal aan. In al mijn enthousiasme knipte ik wel wat op de groei. Maar mijn kleine ventje is zot tevreden en de jas gaat nooit meer uit.  Zo heerlijk vindt hij het allemaal, de zoon. Hij is warm, met een tikkeltje gekheid. En zijn jas nu ook.



As I told you before some of my testers also engaged to sew a Lewis coat. Yesterday I got overwhelmed by amazing pictures. I selected these together with Bjorn for the webshop! Don’t you like them all? As you can see the changes I made to the instructions and to the front flap turned out perfectly. So I will change the instructions of the Louisa coat too. I’ll let you know when you can download your new version under your account when you already purchased the pattern.

Thanks Catherine, Veerle, Sara, Majella and of course Laurence for sewing these amazing coats and making these great pictures. I think your boys look great in their Lewis coats!

Compagnie M. Lewis coat sewing pattern
Compagnie M. Lewis coat sewing pattern

Since the launch of this coat was an unexpected project, I don’t launch this one on paper. Maybe in the future. But I didn’t plan a print run at the printer and I already arranged the contest. So for now I will only launch the pattern as a PDF version. With the next print run I might decide to launch the pattern on paper too and then you can always upgrade your PDF pattern to a paper version. Everything depends on your respons to this new pattern. I obviously hope you will like it. :)

You can buy your copy of the pattern in my shop. Use the code LEWISCOAT10 for a 10% reduction. Valid till the 4th of December, during the whole contest. The Louisa code discount code is still valid too: LOUISACOAT10. Enjoy shopping and keep an eye on the website. We will launch the contest later today! What a day!

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