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Pattern release: Dadirri cardigan for kids

By 29/11/2017Blog

Today I launch the Dadirri cardigan knitting pattern for boys and girls! Yes I’m happy to mention that this pattern is again an unisex design.

The Dadirri pattern for kids is a cardigan with set-in sleeves and a beautiful coin stitch. The parts are knitted from the bottom up and assembled afterwards.

The idea behind this customised pattern is exactly the same as with the Quokka sweater. When you purchase this pattern, you get access to the online generator where you can let the system calculate your custom fit pattern. How easy is that? This way you can choose your favourite yarn, knit two gauges (stockinette and coin stitch), measure your kid and generate a perfect fit knitting pattern. It is ideal too for children that don’t have standard body measurements, such as tall slender children.

The Dadirri is a detailed pattern that is suitable for knitters without a lot of experience. If you have doubts about the coin stitch, you can just give it a try first. This video explains really well how to knit the coin (or blister) stitch. 

As I showed you yesterday, you can knit the Dadirri in two colours, but of course you can just stick to one colour too. That’s what Anke did. She is one of my knitting contributors! Oh it’s just so helpful to have some people behind the scenes knitting along. Anke’s girl has the same size as Lisa and Nore so Anke tested the pattern for me. Afterwards she borrowed me her cardigan to take pictures for the website. How great is that? I only had to finish the cardigan for her and choose the buttons. So what you see is mainly Anke’s work. Make sure to hop over to her blog and leave a sweat comment on her blog too.

What I love about this Dadirri is that it’s easier to combine it with printed fabrics (Oh I’m so happy with this special 2nd hand dress by Filou and Friends!).

Can you imagine that is was actually my vintage knitting needle bag that inspired me to make this cardigan? I love the little dots soooooo much. I even tried the same colour combination but in the end I replaced the white by the rust orange one.

Yesterday I picked up Nore from school to take these pictures. The only moment that I could rely on the sun. She was so happy when I turned up at school. She didn’t expect me as I decided to organise this photoshoot last minute. She was so cute and funny! At the end she wanted to play with my knitting needles and I think you can see on her face that she wants you to learn how to knit. I think she will punch you otherwise… hihi! I still have one workshop place available for the the start to knit workshop that starts this Friday at Hove. Four weeks (12 hours!) I will learn you the basics of knitting. Subscribe on the events page if you feel like participating.

And that’s when I close the circle and add a great Dadirri knitted by Fanny from Fratsels. She’s a knitter without experience but with a lot of patience! That’s what she’s proven again during the test. She made a beautiful version for her boy and shows us that the Dadirri is perfectly suitable for boys too. Check her blogpost for more info and pictures!

If you feel like purchasing the Dadirri cardigan knitting pattern, you can use this code DADIRRI10 for a 10% reduction. This code is valid till the 17th of December.

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