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Pattern test: knitted sweater for women & men!

By 18/10/2017Blog

As you have all noticed: I’m in a knitting stage at the moment. In about 10 days, my first knitting pattern will be released. I really you hope that you are as excited as I am?

You’ve seen the model already: it’s a sweater with kangaroo pocket. I have still to decide on the name, so any help is welcome. I’ve decided for the knitting patterns NOT to work with girl’s names anymore, but I prefer to find something like ‘keep me warm’. The expression of a feeling… something like that! This pattern is perfect to keep your hands warm, so any proposal in this direction would be perfect!

In the meanwhile the testers are working on a 2nd test round for the kid’s version. Since it’s the first time I’ll be releasing a knitting pattern, I want to be sure that everything is perfect. Keep our fingers crossed that the results will be ok as well. So far everything is going as hoped. What a relief. I’ve told you before. It’s not a ‘normal’ knitting pattern I’m working on. Actually it’s a rather big project. More details will follow soon!

I’ve knitted 3 kids versions so far. This colour block one is for our cute little niece. It’s the smallest size (3months) and yes she can get the sweater on without button or zipper. But of course you can add one if you like.

The kids pattern goes from 3months till 14 years! What a wide sizing range. AND I’ll be even expanding it. At the moment I’ve tested the basic raglan shape sweater for myself and I’m about to start knitting a version for Bjorn too. Luckily I have a knitting machine so I can speed up the process a bit. ;)

Today I’m looking for extra testers. In the future I want to work with 3 testers groups: one for kids, one for women and one for men. Of course people can swap from one group to another after a project is tested. But I will have 3 groups working on 3 projects at the same time.

At the moment I’m trying to set up the women and men group. If you feel like testing the pattern the coming weeks (I think I’ll give you 4 – 5 weeks!), you can subscribe below. Please only subscribe to ONE group. Thanks!

WOMEN GROUP: subscribe here. I need women testers with bust sizes 88cm – 110cm. Only Dutch speaking testers can apply. Sorry!

MEN GROUP: subscribe here. I need men models with chest sizes 88cm – 108cm. Again please only apply when you speak Dutch.

You might have seen the previews on Instagram? As I knitted this one on my vintage knitting machine, I’m thinking of launching a first knitting machine pattern too. So many crazy plans. I know. From the moment my extra wool has arrived I’ll add a pocket to my basic raglan sweater (which fits perfectly from the first time!!! Hooray!!!!)

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  • Brigitte Logghe says:

    Tip for the name: the Kangoo sweater

  • Jolein says:

    In het Engels kom ik alleen weer bij Cozy uit, maar daar zijn er nogal wat van, cosy sweaters. Nederlandse Behaaglijk zie ik ‘n buitenlander nog niet uitspreken, tja. Roemeense kennis ontbreekt het me dan weer aan, in ‘t Hongaars kom ik ook niet verder dan Kellemes.

    Andere Engelstalige ideeën: Pleasant, Snug(ly), Homy, Quaint… Combinatie van woorden evt. Snugly warm?

    Of Alanis Morissette citeren, “(One) hand in my pocket”. ;-)

    Verder geen ideeën meer, succes met de test!

  • saskia says:

    ZALIG!! ik kijk er al naar uit

  • Gert haentjebs says:

    Mooi…..ik kijk uit naar de Kids groep. Gert

  • Sabrina says:

    Ik vrees dat ik moet passenvoor het testen. 4-5 weken is wel heel weinig tijd.
    Een naam: Noa Sweater

  • Ann says:

    Ik voel je “brei-modus” helemaal! Ik ben recent ook gebeten door de microbe… De brei-machine-versie maakt me ook bijzonder nieuwsgierig 😁 Tip voor de naam: Hug me sweater?

  • Kim says:

    Crackling fire? Het lijkt me een heerlijke trui om voor de open haard te zitten. Of nog beter: aan een kampvuurtje met warme choco :-)

  • Charlotte says:

    Will you include machine knitting instructions? I have a machine still in the box but could probably learn to use it faster than learning hand knitting, lol!

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