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Pattern tour Charles day 4

Sarah has in the meanwhile won ‘a super tester award’ from ‘Zo geknipt 2‘ and I can only confirm that she is a great tester! In my last email I wrote to her: When I receive a short & positive mail from my most stern tester, I just know that I’m getting very close to the final pattern. :) She really had to laugh with this sentence! But it’s true: I love critical testers most.

She showed her first test dungarees on her blog yesterday (with the front panel that was still too wide and high) and today she blogs her 2nd version. I love both so make sure to check Khadetjes!


Verinne from Boevenbende, was a new tester, but did great as well. Because I always ask testers not to use expensive fabrics, she up-cycled an old pair of jeans for her son’s Charles pants. Since I’m totally into up-cycling myself, I just wanted so badly that she showed her stunning result as well. Hop over to Boevenbende to see her boy with one of his new favourite pants! ;) That’s what I love about the Charles pants. Kids don’t seems to want to take it off anymore after photo-shoots! Then I just know that the pattern is a winner! Not only for me, but also for alle those kids that will wear them…


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