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Pattern tour day 2: Welcome to the mouse house & Vink

Compagnie-M_Louisa_dress_pattern_tour_2_AAround the time that I was drawing the pattern of the Louisa dress, Suz & Laura announced their Christmas series. The impressive list they announced blew me away! Of course I wanted to ask some of these great bloggers to participate in my pattern tour as well. Sometimes I think it’s very difficult to get a good overview of all those impressive bloggers and then a series’ list reminds me of all these great creatives! So before I even had a clue when the pattern would be ready, I contacted for example Hayley who blogs at ‘welcome to the mouse house‘. I like pattern tours because it brings you in contact with bloggers that you have never ‘spoken’ before! And what a coincidence: yesterday Hayley also launched a new pattern. The Julia’s womens cardigan. It looks awesome! ‘A special basic’! Just what I like. Not to mention the Louisa dress she made! I love her style and the way her little girl poses. Always so cute. Don’t you think? I hope you are as excited as me to check out the full blogpost!

And then we’ll hop over to Vink! She requested to become a pattern tester and of course I was excited to see what she would be creating! She also started blogging about 8 months ago and everything she makes looks perfect. She doesn’t only present clothing, that’s what I also like about Vink! Linde has send me some really funny pictures (and of course it’s not this one), so make sure to check her blog!

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