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Pattern tour day 3 nest full of eggs

Rachel from ‘nest full of eggs‘ made me realise that my pattern tour is actually also a little travel around the world. We went from Portugal to Belgium and now we are heading to the US. Afterwards we’ll be going to Australia, Denmark and back to Belgium to touch ground. 

So Rachel represents the US today! I’m so happy that this talented seamstress swapped her gorgeous Oliver and S creations for a Compagnie M. pattern this time! 

A totally different result again. Rachel has chosen gray linen, that was combined with some red stretch suede piping and black buttons. So perfect for all occasions! 


I’m not going to give away which version she made: a blouse or dress? You’ll have to find out yourself! So go on: hop over to ‘nest full of eggs‘ and admire this beauty….

And as you probably know already: Rachel also gives away one free Mara pattern to her readers!

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