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Pattern tour day 5: while she was sleeping & la gang à Nat

Last but not least I have two great ladies to announce! For Jenya it’s hasn’t been her first Compagnie M. sewing project. After this first Mara blouse, she recently created a lovely Mara dress for her participation in the secret squirrel series. So I have the impression she loves my first pattern. She is one of the few participants that made the Louisa dress with the inserts at the back! At first Jenya though there was a mistake in the pattern, but after a quick test and some pictures, I could help her out! Her dress turned out just perfect!! And did you see the short sleeves: this is the butterfly sleeve option from the Mara blouse she added to the Louisa dress! Hop over to ‘While she was sleeping‘ for all the details.

I already follow Natalie from ‘La gang à Nat‘ since I started blogging myself When I send her an email to ask her to participate in my pattern tour, she was very excited! From my side, I was so happy that she felt like sewing a Louisa dress, because I just love her style. She recently switched from Blogger to WordPress and her new blog looks great! So off you go to ‘La gang à Nat‘!


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  • Thank you for your kind words Marte, and thank you for having me over :) Sorry about the mild heart attack ;)

  • Natalie R says:

    Marte, I’m echoing Jenya’s words… Thanks so much for the lovely things you said about me, my sewing style and my blog. Trust me when I say that it means a lot coming from you! I’m really excited and honoured to have my rendition of the Louisa Dress on your blog today!


  • jou patroontje heeft succes. Bedankt om het zo snel naar mij toe te sturen. Mijn versie is klaar en er zullen er nog volgen. je kan het zien als je wil op mijn blog: groeten en binnenkort probeer ik de mara.

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