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Pattern tour day 6: toertjes & pateekes

Debora from ‘Toertjes & Pateekes‘ will close my pattern tour today, but one thing is for sure. She’s last but not least! I’ve got to know Debora through Annick, a ‘student colleague’ of mine in the pattern drawing course. Debora has 5 children of her own and 5 foster-children! Yes you read this right. And still every time I see her, she’s full of positive energy! She’s amazing. Just like her fabric collection! Oh I wish my closets were stuffed with fabric like hers! She has a nose for bargains and probably is just addicted to buying fabrics.

When I visited her to bring a hard copy version of the Mara (we live only about 3km away from each other) I got to choose the fabric with her. When she said: ‘een petit panneke’ (meaning shall I go for Petit Pan), I was convinced. Never worked with Petit Pan before myself so I was really excited to see her version of the Mara. Here it is! Together with her smallest cute little girl. Hop over to ‘Toertjes & Pateekes‘ and grab your last chance to win your own copy of the Mara pattern.







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