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Pattern tour day two: behind the hedgerow

When I came across Laura’s blog ‘behind the hedgerow‘ I was impressed by the way she presented herself: 

Born in London (UK), raised in Florida (USA) and currently living in Brussels (Belgium)…but with a heart firmly rooted in the English countryside. I’m passionate about sewing and here’s where I share the things I make. Have a look around and feel free to join in the sewing conversation. So nice of you to stop by!

Me, the adventurous lady, loves travelling but as I was reading this introduction I realised I never moved further away then 10km…. Laura only lives about 50km from me, so meeting each other is this on our planning! 

But of course we’re here to talk about her Mara. And it would be a shame not to do so, because her version is stunning! So different again. When you see Marta’s version next to Laura’s blouse, you hardly notice that it’s the same pattern. That’s why I like all the options!

I’m only going to show you this teaser picture because you must have a look at the rest on Laura’s blog! But after showing you this picture, I’m sure you will!

And don’t forget: you have another chance to win a Mara blouse pattern at ‘behind the hedgerow‘! (If you win the pattern after you’ve already purchased it, you’re pattern will be refund.)


Laura combined her Mara with the Jacob trousers. It’s the second time that I come across this combination. Saskia from S.sewS also presented my Mara together with ‘dear Mr. Jacob pants’. The title of her lovely post is: Jacob loves Mara. I don’t know whether that’s true, but I know for sure that Mara does love Jacob! If you’re a native Dutch person you should check her post too. The way she has written about it, is just so cute!

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