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Pattern tour: Lotta skirt #9

By 20/11/2014Blog

The last day of the tour! :( My morning ritual of posting beautiful skirts has come to an end! But not without showing these two last Lotta skirts!

When we were on holiday in Romania this summer, I didn’t have my sewing machine with me, so at that time I drew the very first draft version of the Lotta skirt (and Julia sweater). I’ve send my hand drawn¬†pattern to Marie-Paule and she was the very first person to ever sew a Lotta skirt. Even before I made my Lotta at her place! :) In the meanwhile she became a close friend. She’s just the sweetest person ever…. When I was planning the tour, I was hoping that she would feel like showing her own skirt (she made another Lotta for her little girl). So I went to her place and we took these pictures together. The first time that I had a model that stood still. Finally! Want to see more of the skirt and my pictures? So Popo Sew is the place to be!


Since Michelle won a prize in my Mara blog action this summer, I’m totally in love with her work and the smile upon her girl’s face! When she send me the pictures of her Lotta skirt, I was surprised to see that her ¬†girl has short hear all of the sudden. She cut it herself! Doesn’t every girls goes through that stage in her life!? I did! ;) More cute pictures of Michelle’s Lotta at Sewnhenge!


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