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Petrol & Mint – Tulip sleeves for Mara

Hi everyone! I’m Marleen from Petrol&Mint.
It’s only been a few months since I started blogging, and it was in fact Marte who gave me a little push to dive into this exciting, inspiring (and addictive) new world. I met her at her very first workshop and did not stop working with her fabulous patterns since… so I am very happy to participate in this Mara blog action.

I always try to add a personal touch to the clothes I sew, either by altering the pattern or selecting a special fabric. This time I did both… I chose a vintage fabric: lightweight cotton, perfect for a summer blouse. The fabric’s pattern nor the black piping are very girly, in fact it’s quite the opposite, but I think it works perfectly for my oldest daughter.
The Mara pattern includes a number of sleeve options, but I chose to try something new, which I had spotted on Pinterest a while ago… tulip sleeves. I just love how it turned out, and it is in fact not difficult at all! If you would like to try it… check out the tutorial on my blog! Enough said… here are some pictures…

I hope they can inspire you to create your own special Mara blouse!


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