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Playsuit nr2!

By 27/05/2013Blog, Playsuit

Last week I made a second version of my first playsuit, but I didn’t have time to show you the pictures yet… I felt like adjusting the pattern a little bit so I made a very simple version in IKEA fabric. A cheap way to experiment a little bit…

My model Nore didn’t really feel like posing, so this pictures are just little impressions… I made the line between the bodice part and the short a little bit higher and adjusted the pocket also just a little bit. I got this remark from Marloes saying that she was wondering if I should not look for another way to close my playsuit… She mentioned that kids can not open the suit by themselves to go to the toilet… I was just wondering what you think about this? It’s difficult to change this, because I’m working with the bias binding and the asymmetrical design.

If you have suggestions or remarks about this, please let me know. I’ll be drawing the pattern today with the blind zipper, but maybe I’ll make a second version for bigger kids. And a little anecdote that I would like to share: apparently Nore is now walking around in daycare showing her clothes and saying ‘mama maakt’ (mommy makes)! Soooo cute: the best way to promote my work. My happy little owner Nore!

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  • Anonymous says:

    Hoe schattig en mooi. Doe zo verder :)

  • Heidi says:

    It’s a really neat design, but that’s a good point that was made about older children being not being able to unzip. Maybe add a button closure on the right shoulder?

  • Marte Lambin says:

    I’ve been really breaking my head about this one… I’m drawing the pattern right now with the zipper, but I will probably add an extra version with a button like you propose. Tomorrow i’l be sewing your pattern! i’ve chosen Blossom Festival fabric by Cloud9. Hope you’ll like my version!

  • kaatje says:

    Supermooi!! Zo eentje wil ik ook wel maken voor mijn kleindochter.

  • Marloes says:

    Ik ben benieuwd wat dé oplossing gaat worden! Trouwens schoon in zijn eenvoud met dat effen stofje en kleurrijke biais en knopen!

    • Marte Lambin says:

      Het is een oplossing die je niet verwacht: ik heb het patroon gelaten zoals het is en nodig de naaisters uit om zelf creatief aan de slag te gaan en mijn patroon aan te passen. Morgen meer!

  • kukafera says:

    The romper is very nice, maybe some buttons on the shoulders for the older ones?

    “mama maakt”!! how cute!! I did some Nederlands at university, but I can’t remember much… It’s funny for me trying to read the comments in dutch!!

    tot ziens! (I’m not sure if I’ve written it correctly… hihihi)

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