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This story started with one simple need: a wallet! My wallet was getting old and ugly. And I needed some more space for extra cards. So it was about time to make myself a wallet. That I wanted to use kraft-tex was out of  the question. But a pattern was more difficult to find. So that’s when I decided to draw my own pattern. For personal use. At least that was what I was thinking at the time I made my first test wallet.


But actually I was rather enthusiastic about the result. My first test turned out almost perfectly like I hoped it would. So after a sewing 2nd and final model I was so happy with my new wallet. After sharing my creations with you, I noticed that I wasn’t the only personal being so thrilled about the result…. and some of you are in need of a new wallet too. Since I still can’t find a similar wallet pattern, I decided to release mine. I never ever planned to design accessories, but never say never. I didn’t plan to make a boy’s coat either!


So may I introduce you: ‘project#17’. The wallet and it’s name! You can guess what inspired me to pick this name probably. This will be my 17th pattern, if I only count the paper versions.


Back to the wallet: I used Kraft-tex for this version. A material that looks like cardboard, but actually has some characteristics from paper, fabric and leather if I may believe the K-bas website. You can write on it, you can wash it and it’s supposed to be super strong. Perfect for a wallet if you ask me.


You can see some cracks on my example and I could have ironed them, but I didn’t. It makes it look more naturel to me.

To sew this Kraft-tex you have to wetten if first. This way it become flexible. And after your project is finished and dry, it becomes more rough. A really special, but nice material to work with. I loved sewing this project a lot.



Now let’s have a closer look at the design. I added 4 pouches for cards. 2 at the front and 2 in the middle. The ones in the front I use for ID cards and bank cards. The other ones for fidelity cards. In between you have a zipper pouch for coins. With a hidden not-so-deep-bottom, it’s easy to find your coins in this area.  At the back and in between the card pouches of the 2nd compartiment you have place for extra’s like banknotes, a driver’s licence, …!


The wallet is 17cm wide and 10,5cm high. You can fill your wallet until it’s 3cm deep. When doing so the bottom and top will expand.


Sewing this wallet is easy, if only you respect the right order while sewing…. and glueing. That’s right: some parts are glued like the inside flap and the bottom of the last compartiment. Just to make sure your precious money stays in place.


The only skills you need: you will have to cut perfect rectangles for this project, you have to be able to start an stop and the right places while sewing and sewing in a straight line might be helpful too. But to be honest. I use my blind hem sewing foot to do this for me. The time you need: about 1,5 hour. So it’s a quick project in fact!

I will launch this pattern in the 6th of December and it will only cost 5euro. As a digital version of course since this is not as complex as drawing coats! ;)

Stay tuned because I’ll make some more wallets in cork-leather and real leather to present some different styles and options.

How about you? Will you sew yourself or a friend a ‘project#17’? It’s the perfect pattern for quick Christmas gifts! I will…

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