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Project Run & Play: week 1

dungarees, kids overall, charles pants

Today I’m presenting my first Project Run & Play outfit! Hope you’ll like it!?

When I received the ‘80s cartoons theme, I started digging into my memories. I can remember that my sister and I got our very first Gameboy with the iconic game Super Mario in the  late ‘80s! I must not tell you that this present was a special one to me? My very first computer game! As I’m totally into dungarees at the moment, Super Mario and his friend Luigi became my inspiration for this first challenge. I choose not to copy the entire style, but just let me inspire by the type of garments. I added a little bit of extra ’80s touch by choosing some typical fabrics / accessories. Ready for a lot of pictures?

Compagnie-M_Charles dungareess_loose fit 3

Compagnie-M_Charles dungarees_loose fit
Compagnie-M_Charles dungareess_loose fit 2
I paired my own new Charles pants / dungarees pattern with the Ole cardigan by Zonen09. This way the total outfit is designed in Belgium! Hooray! :) I added some small details like the button badge, an ‘80s style hair tie and look at those sneakers. We love them!Now let’s start with my own Charles pattern. For the Charles I choose a dark blue denim, that matches with one of my all time favourite Petit Pan fabrics perfectly well. I don’t have to tell you anymore that I’m a big fan of piping? Especially white one. Always matches and it’s a beautiful contrast with the dark blue. The buttons were sewn on in a ‘flower shape’. The pattern is my own design and will be released with 3 options (pants, shorts, dungarees) in about 2 weeks time. The timing depends on the outcome of the test that’s up and running at this very moment! When everything goes well, the pattern will be available from the 29th of September. Exciting!
Compagnie-M_Charles dungareess_loose fit 4
Compagnie-M_Charles dungareess_loose fit 9
Compagnie-M_Charles dungareess_loose fit 8
Compagnie-M_Charles dungareess_loose fit 7
The Ole pattern is a design from Zonen09. This reversible cardigan, sewn with nicky velours and some stretch terry with a very light golden sparkle matches perfectly with my own dungarees.  With a little bit of sparkle I refer to Mario & Luigi as true stars! Just like the ‘golden kamsnaps’. When you pair this Ole with my Charles, the orange colour is perfect. But what if you want to pair it with a more subtle outfit? Just turn it inside out and this Ole can be matched with all your favourite garments. Extra soft and warm to wear for the coming winter. At the moment the Ole pattern is only available in Dutch, but Sharon will do her very best to have an English translation ready before the end of 2014! Hooray!
Compagnie-M_Charles dungareess_loose fit 6
Compagnie-M_Charles dungareess_loose fit 5
Hope you like my first outfit? I tried to stay close to my own style, as I’m not the type of person to sew extraordinary garments… I admire people that can (like Celina & Griet) and I’m sure my outfit will be far the most basic one. But when I saw Nore running around in her dungarees at the playground, it made me very happy! I was just thinking the whole time: Yes, yes,yes! That cute little girl is mine! ;)
Want to see the other creations or feel like voting for my outfit? Head over to the PR&P website for more information! Hope to make it to the second round as I particularly love the 2nd theme.

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