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P’tits Monstres – Mara for Romance

My turn to show off my beautiful girl in her sweet, romantic Mara dress. This is the second Mara I’ve made. For the first one, which you can see on my blog P’tits Monstres, I stayed safely in my comfort zone. For this occasion, I left that zone far, far behind. No ‘Less is More’ statement for this one! Inspired by the dresses of the 1900s, that breathe romance, I made my almost 5-year-old the dress of her dreams.
I covered the blue yoke and sleeves with lace, used pearl press buttons (to be able to do this, I had to change the yoke pattern pieces a bit), golden bias binding and a colorful panel of fabric with a large print.
I absolutely adore this fabric. Normally I would say that a print of this size asks for a very simple pattern. So it was a wild guess to combine it with all the other stuff that is going on in this dress, but I think she can pull it off, my little blonde sweet tooth.
No need to say that they are so versatile, those Compagnie M. patterns!

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