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Quokka sweater blogtour #4

By 02/11/2017Blog

I think today’s tour participants show that you can add a nice touch of colour blocking to my Quokka sweater pattern.

Saskia has knitted three Quokka sweaters so far. But actually that doesn’t really amaze me. Every time I launch a pattern, she makes several versions. She’s just so fast. And can you believe that she’s an absolute beginner? I think she’s so talented.

Ingrid is a new tester in my team. I love the colour she choose for her daughter. The light blue and brown combination is perfect on her.

And Gratienne is a special tester too. I met her the first time a couple of weeks ago. It was at a fair and if I didn’t had to sell patterns, probably we would have talked the whole day! I know that she’s been following Compagnie M. for a long time already and I’m super happy that I finally met her in real life! Since she doesn’t have a blog, she can borrow mine today:

Compagnie M. goes  … knitting. The first knitting pattern and immediately scored a bull’s eye.

Especially the kangaroo pocket is is lovely detail. The pattern has a touch of  retro, something I love a lot. It’s a true Compagnie M. design: a beautiful elaborate pattern.

Cato likes her new sweaters a lot. I love the idea that I could knit two totally different sweater, with only one pattern: the first Quokka is rather sporty, the 2nd one more fancy.

As the pattern comes with a pattern calculator, you can become really creative when it comes to yarn selection. The special program helps you to knit a custom size sweater. So whether you like to knit with thin or thick yarn: the Quokka will always be perfect. So what are you waiting for?

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  • Anke says:

    Allemaal pareltjes! En Gratienne, zo’n mooie foto’s van Cato!! Vooral fan van jouw tweede versie!

  • saskia says:

    Always a pleasure testing for you!! i love that you always give 100% of yourself to create something new :)

    • Compagnie M. says:

      bedankt Saskia! Ik ben zo blij dat je deel uitmaakt van het testteam. Jij geeft je ook altijd meer dan 100%! Net zoals mij deze keer. Voor het volledig nieuwe systeem moest ik me toch meer dan 100% geven!!! ;)

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