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Quokka sweater blogtour #5

By 03/11/2017Blog

It’s already day 5 of the Quokka sweater blogtour. So many great sweaters, all so different, all so unique!

Since Katelijn knitted her Quokka in Zeeman yarn, I guess her version is maybe one of the cheapest sweaters so far… BUT I must say that I love her yarn choice so much! I never used this type of yarn, but I think she just convinced me to give it a try. Her girl looks so stylish in her Quokka. Don’t you just love her attitude?

Fanny is a beginner again and when you look at the picture below, you can see that my pattern is suitable for beginners too. Yes! I love it when I can mix different experience levels in one test. All testers have a different view on my work and are helping me in their own way!

Hop over to their blogs for more pictures!

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