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Quokka sweater blogtour #7

By 06/11/2017Blog

It’s the last day of the Quokka sweater blogtour and today I will only talk about one person: Christine with her brand new blog Coco + Cie! I follow her already for a long time on Instagram, but I’m glad she finally has a blog too.

When I launched my tester’s call I was hoping that she would apply. But at first she didn’t. It might sound stupid, but I was a bit disappointed. But then at the end she did and yes that made me super trouper happy! I love to have a mix of beginners and experts in my testers group, but I also need really critical people and as far as I know Christine, she is. To me she’s the second Sarah. Always honest and very critical. Those type of testers are the most valuable ones…

So at first I would love to thank Christine and all the other testers to help me towards a perfect fit!

Now let’s have a close look at her sweaters? Christine participated in both test rounds and both sweaters fit perfectly. As you can see she sticked to the pattern for the smallest sweater but hacked my sweater for her biggest son. She will share a blogpost later this week on how to add the chest pocket yourself. How great is that?

I will meet Christine later this week for an interview. I love the idea that she will interview pattern designers on her blog and I’m so honoured to be one of them. If you have a question for me that Christine should pose, just leave a comment below or visit her blog and add the question to her blogpost. She even made an integrated form! You can ask me anything!!! I promise that I will respond in an honest way.

Thanks Christine for your help so far. Keep up the good work.

If you still want to purchase the Quokka with a 10% discount, today it the last day to use this code: QUOKKA10 Enjoy shopping!

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  • Christine says:

    Maar seg, sta ik hier een beetje te blozen! Bedankt voor de mooie woorden! Ik ben ├ęcht blij dat ik uiteindelijk beslist heb om te testen. Top patroon! Enneuh: heel benieuwd naar de vragen die gesteld zullen worden ;-)

  • Agnes Vamos says:

    I am sorry, I feel quite stupid, but where do I get values A, B, and C? I bought the pattern and yarn and I am anxious to start but I have no idea!

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