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Sew along Charles’ pants: week 4

After this session will be finishing our Charles’ pants! Thanks to every one sewing along with me. Today we’ll only be assembling both parts we’ve sewn already, top stitch here and there, adding the hem parts and then the buttons! That sounds feasible, right!?

Assembling front & back parts

Today it’s time to assemble the front a back part of the pants. Take the back part and put it on your table facing the wrong side down. Place the front part between the waistband and the basic back part. Right sides together (RST).

Sewn the side seams and when it’s finished, turn everything inside out. Your pants should look like the right picture now…
Top stitch on the jeans part at the side seams. Connect both side seams stitches in one movement by adding this top stitch also at the back (right beneath the waist band). This way it’s closed straight away. If you like to, also topstitch the waistband. 
Then go on with the inside leg seam. Put the pants RST. Assemble the leg hem parts with your serge. Assemble one wide (back) part together with a narrow (front) part. We do this two times of course.
Adding some buttons
You close the pants in two phases: first we’ll add two snap buttons to the pocket parts. (This give a very flat result).
There are a lot of snap tools on the market but to be honest I just use the small plastic tool delivered with the snaps and a hammer. 

A complete snap has four parts: the ball, the socket and two rings with spikes to get everything attached to the fabric. Just mark the centre of the places you would like to add the snaps. Be sure you add all parts in the right direction. Have a close look at my picture (right) above.
After wards we’ll close the pants with the visible buttons. To be honest you can position them as you like. But don’t put the highest buttons to low. Other wise your front part will fold downwards. 
I’ve chosen to put the buttons right underneath each other, but you can also put them parallel with the piping.  Make sure to mark the position well. I have this automatic buttonhole foot but of course you can also do this without. Dana Made It has written a great tutorial on how to sew button holes. I’m quiet sure she can help you out if your not an expert yet…
So tadaaa!!! You’ve just finished your pair of Charles’ pants! Nice work! I really hope everything was clear and you had a nice time sewing my sailor pants?
Show me your pants!
Of course I would love to see what you’ve been creating the past 4 weeks. I’ve set up a Flickr Group to share your work! So just take some nice pictures and add them HERE. The nicest pants will be shown on my blog next week! 

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