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Sewing lessons for Alexandra

A couple of days ago we moved from Breb to Breb. Just to the other side of town actually. We were having a wonderful time at Babou, but since this campsite is situated at the very end of the town, we kind of missed some contact with the local people! We didn’t come here to only speak Dutch, right!? Moving to Pensuinea Marioara was a good step forward for my sewing project for the local kids. It’s at a ‘crossroad’ in the beginning of the town. Every one entering Breb has to pass here, so enough people and kids to ‘talk’ with! My first two orders are for the little cute Adelina (2yo) and for her bigger friend Adriana (14yo). Actually their skirts are finished, but I’m still waiting for some good weather and the perfect photo opportunity! When Alexandra and her sister (I always forget her name!) got to know about my project, they became the next two girls on the list. They are the daughters of our hostess and of course I would like to sew for this great girls! They are sooo kind to us.  I always let the kids choose the pattern and fabric themselves. Sometime a difficult assignment for them! I have some great books with me and I just give them my stash of fabric to choose from. When Alexandra (13yo) was watching me working at her sister’s skirt, I asked her whether she wanted to try sewing her own little first creation together with me…. We made a little backpack together and she was so proud to sew for the very first time. Without a pattern and with some basic materials we just created the cutest little (but very simple) backpack ever! Just with a couple word of French, we did it! So nice to come in contact with local kids this way…

When the sun was just shinning for a couple of minutes this morning, I called her to pose with her new back pack. Isn’t she lovely!? She poses in front of the wooden gate before the wooden pension house. Wooden gates are very important in the Romanian landscape. On the one hand it’s to protect you from evil and on the other it’s a kind of status symbol. The more detailed it is, the more money you have…  The fabric we used was sponsored by Mirabelle. Thanks a lot! It’s called Lush and was designed by Patty Young for Micheal Miller fabrics

For the straps, we used folded bias tape that Alexandra stitched in the middle with some coordinating pink thread.  While she was doing this, I had some spare time on my hands: she had to sew 3 meter of bias tape on the slow stand of my sewing machine! I cut a small piece of bias tape and made a very small tie to add a very feminine detail.  To attach the straps to the bottom of the bag, we had be creative. I just made a button hole in the bag and some knots to keep the straps closed. But I think this will do the job perfectly! I’m very happy to have accomplished this very small first project with Alexandra. But without realising she gave me the biggest assignment until now! She has chosen a very beautiful dress from ‘Stof voor durf het zelvers‘ that only has patterns until 9yo. Since she is a very tall 13yo girl, I will have to grade the pattern for her! But challenges like these are what I like the most! And of course I didn’t want to disappoint her… Now I’m hoping for the sun to appear again to do a photoshoot with Adelina and Adriana! To be continued…

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  • kukafera says:

    What a fantastic adventure are you having!! I can imagine how proud she is of her own creation, and you are of helping her!!

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