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Sewpony pattern swap!

Suz from Sewpony is one of my favourite bloggers all time. You probably already notices that? Her first pattern ‘Debbie’s birthday dress‘ was on my to-do-list for a long time, but not anymore! When Suz asked me to do a pattern swap during KCW, I finally had a deadline to sew this lovely pattern. Lisa & Nore love their Tiny books (like we call them in Belgium)! Without these books it would have been more difficult to drive long distances in Romania. The drawings are so detailed that they can stare at each page for a long long long time. Until they fall asleep… I have the same with this dress I made for Nore. I can look at it over and over again. Without getting bored. Thanks Suz for the lovely pattern… And now here is the good news for you: the pattern is only 5 AUD (approx. 3,5 euro / 4,8 USD) until the end of October!

We had a lot of fun organising this photo shoot! We went for a walk in the woods with our family and combined it with this photo session. We packed everything in a backpack and in the middle of a walk in the woods, the sun started to shine. So we got Nore dressed an this is the result..  The dress is sleeveless, but I choose some wool fabric to create a winter version. That’s also the reason why I added some extra length at the hem. It also gave me the opportunity to repeat the red piping here. At the front, I added some extra details. So typically me. Thinking about how relaxed it is to just follow a pattern and at the end still change small details!

Nore really felt like Tiny. With her cute dress and perfect red shiny shoes she looks like she was born in the sixties. Thanks Nathalie for letting me borrow this  cute little shoes. These shoes are for sale at ‘De Voetjes’ for only 49,95 euro! And thanks to her aunt, Nore had a little ‘Poeffie’ to join her! When we told her that Poeffie would be with her during this shoot, she asked us to dress the dog with a skirt! Kids can be so funny!

Enough about my dress now: Suz made a second Mara for our KCW swap! And to be honest I can not tell a lot about it, because I just got this very very cute teaser picture! Is it a dress or a top? I don’t know. Find out yourself at Sewpony! Off you go! I can already tell you it’s worth the visit because a 10% discount code is waiting there for you… and as always, her creations are perfect!


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