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Inspiration day #4: she did it again!

By 17/03/2016Blog

Let’s just dedicate this blogpost to one of my sewing friends: Marie-Paule! She was the only one to subscribe for today’s inspiration day, so at first I wanted to combined this blogpost with the Julia dress tutorial (for women) but afterwards I changed my mind. I think she’s one of my biggest fans, so she deserves some extra attention. (The Julia dress tutorial will be published later today.)

I got to know Marie-Paule in my first workshop EVER. I think this was about 2,5 years ago. She had almost no sewing experience, it was my first workshop ever. Not the best combination, because in the end, she choose the Louisa with inserts and I can remember that I felt really bad that she didn’t got to finish the dress in time. Super fast Marleen was sitting next to her. Making this feeling even worse for me, probably also for Marie-Paule. Ooh those memories! It was in the  same workshop that I met Madeline aka Nancy for the first time. She announced that she planned to open a fabric shop. The rest is history!

Now back to Marie-Paule. Since she followed this workshop, she didn’t let go her sewing machine. Her sewing skills improved and improved. She started to blog and now sh’s probably the only blog that sews as much Compagnie M. as I do. If you ever need Compagnie M. inspiration you can go to her blog and click on the Compagnie M. tag to find more beautiful creations. That’s exactly how I found these beauties…

A Ileana / Lotta remix sewn in the stunning fabric! A cooperation from Bambiblauw with de Melkbrigade.


A Lotta skirt / Charles pants remix sewn for the Cas & Nina competition. I still plan to make this skirt one day and turn it into a tutorial for you!


An Louisa / Ileana remix sewn for Bambiblauw’s fotoshoot to present the new happy nature collection.


A Louisa (again with inserts! ;) ) that reminds me a lot om my own little Nore that had almost the same dress when she was the same age as Suze! Flashback time!
(you should read this old blogpost of mine. I think it’s super funny! I had so much doubts about this pattern and your reactions are so heart warming! Today the Louisa is still my bestseller… )


And the perfect Lotta skirt for herself!

Compagnie-M_lotta_skirt_marie-paule 6

Today she presents the Susanne cardigan. With another great Compagnie M. hack. OMG! Doesn’t Suze looks super cute? Make sure to go to Sopoposew to show Marie-Paule some love!


Don’t forget to click the tag ‘Compagnie M.’ for more inspiration! Thanks Marie-Paule for begin such a big fan and for being my friend! We should urgently organise a new sewing date.

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  • delphine says:

    Inderdaad prachtige stuks. Ik ben stiekem een beetje jaloers op haar inzicht om patronen aan te passen.

  • Marte, Marte! Kippevel bij het lezen van al die lof! Zo lief van je! En wat kan ik zeggen, jouw patronen en mijn dochter zijn de perfecte match. Ik krijg zoveel inspiratie van alle mooie Compagnie M creaties van alle naaisters, en meer is er niet nodig om zelf keer op keer jouw patronen te hergebruiken, telkens met een twist.
    Ik hoop op nog heel veel naaidates én testmomenten samen. Dikke knuffel! X

  • Marcelle says:

    Wauw echt heel erg leuk.

  • Dorothée says:

    Wauw, wat een prachtige complimenten! Marie-Paule, je hebt dat dubbel en dik verdiend!
    Ik sta ook elke keer versteld van jouw prachtige creaties. Ik ben dus een grote fan van dit alles :)

  • Corrine Wijlhuizen says:

    Echt stuk voor stuk prachtig en te gek!! Echt heel erg mooi!!

  • Tamara says:

    Ik ben echt fan… de meest ongelooflijke dingen maakt ze! Originele combinaties, geslaagde aanpassingen en variaties… en dat altijd zo mooi afgewerkt! Puur talent!

  • Lindsy says:

    Zo lief van je! Ik heb nog maar één keer fatsoenlijk met Marie-Paule gebabbeld (bij jou thuis) en idd, wat een toffe madam!

  • Nicole says:

    Wow! I especially love the first dress with the geese on it. The white piping looks great with the colours.

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