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She likes it!

By 09/06/2017Blog

At H+H Cologne, I spotted a circular dress. That’s right: a dress, not a skirt! ‘That’s comfy, twirly and fast’ was my first thought! So today I gave it a try. It’s the perfect pattern to go on holiday isn’t it? (Yes I’m already dreaming of vacation…)

Actually this dress is a half circle. When you go to my Instagram feed you can see the a picture without Lisa. I was a bit concerned after I finished it. Will this be beautiful on my girls? Well. Actually I think it’s super cute. Even when Lisa & Nore are already 125cm tall. Really. It’s surely even cuter on smaller kids.

A simple pattern can be combined with a special fabric, don’t you think? So I selected one that I cherished for a while? One of my favourite Petit Pan fabrics ever.

At the top and hem I used some more Petit Pan bias to finished the edges. This is definitely the fastest dress I’ve ever sewn. And Lisa loves it!

We took these quick pictures with my phone. On Monday I can pick up my good camera. Finally! But I already wanted to show the result. Enjoy your sunny weekend.

What do you think? Would you sew this quick, summer dress for your girl? Or do you think it’s too wide …. or strange… I don’t know… Just tell me!

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