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So Popo Sew – Suze + Mara = BFF

Hi, Marie-Paule here from So Popo Sew.
When Marte called out to bloggers world wide for a special action, I was more than thrilled to register and even happier to find out that the action would be about the Mara Blouse. I have already sewn several Compagnie M patterns and I already had the Mara pattern printed and waiting to be used. This was just the ideal opportunity to get it started! Leaving for our holidays, I packed my sewing machine and serger and the necessary fabrics (of course I am taking these on my holidays. Imagine 2 weeks without sewing!).
As with all Compagnie M patterns, you can chose several versions and even mix&match with other patterns, but I decided to go for what is probably the most sewn Mara blouse, with the piping for contrast and the butterfly sleeve.
foto 2
foto 4
(Oh, the trousers were based on an Ottobre pattern) The blue fabric with flowers was in my stash for quite a while already. As the bib front with the buttons gives the Mara a certain retro touch, I decided to accentuate this feature with a white fabric and contrasting yellow piping and matching biais for the finishing touch.
foto 1
My little girl likes the buttons!
foto 3
Getting back home after 2 weeks, and since I had so much fun sewing the Mara blouse, I realized that I still had some time to sew a second version and I wanted to give it a special twist. Mara had taught me the art of smocking during a workshop and one of my own favorite blouses has a smocked hem. Inspired by my blouse, I decided to do the same on the Mara (also because the first blouse that I have sewn is rather wide for my little angel)… To find out that I was not the first one with this idea, because in the meantime, Bellelien had already posted her guest post with the exact same twist.
Nevertheless, I continued with my initial plan and I’m even more excited how this turned out.
foto 1
foto 1
And so is my little one!
foto 3 foto 2
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