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Something thrifted, something new…

By 27/08/2017Blog

Since the beginning of 2016 I didn’t buy any new clothes for myself anymore and the way I think about it right now, I’m pretty sure that I will never do it again!

At first I was only buying thrifted stuff for the girls… Clothes, shoes, toys,… Basically everything they have it either handmade or 2nd hand. More and more I started to realise that it’s so easy to find beautiful clothes and even shoes (new but 2nd hand) for myself too. Whenever I go to the flea-market or to the local thrift store I find something and most of the times it makes me so much more happy than just going to the shop. Not only because it’s way cheaper, but also because I get kind of rewarded when I find something I really like that’s actually in my size.

I hope by doing this that I help the environment a bit. Why produce new clothes when there are so many beautiful pieces available and not being used! I’m not a big fan of over-consuming, when we actually don’t need that many stuff.

Why do I tell you this? Because I love the match between my new Kristy skirt and this thrifted 1euro blouse. Bringing thrifted pieces together with handmade pieces makes me even more happy…

It’s a perfect match: the striped Nosh fabric with the vintage floral print. I never tried stripes for a skirt, but now that I did, this outfit became my favourite one for the summer of 2017! It’s not only beautiful but also super comfy. Again I fell in love with the quality of Nosh fabrics. They’re so soft and I like the idea that I don’t have the iron simple skirts like this.

How do you feel about 2nd hand stuff and clothes? Do you share my point of view?

Small note: I only buy underwear and bathing suits… Maybe I should be honest and mention that… Shall I try to change this in the future?

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  • Grote fan van tweedehands. Vooral rokken vind ik daar gemakkelijk.

  • delphine says:

    Tot nu toe moet ik toegeven dat ik nog niets tweedehande kocht, alleen zaken van familieleden maar de meeste kledij hier is wel zelfgemaakt.

    Mooie set trouwens

  • Helemaal mee eens! Daarom ben ik Maan & Mini begonnen (, een webshop met ge├╝pcyclede kleren. En voor mezelf probeer ik ook meer tweedehands te kopen, maar ik ken nog niet veel leuke adresjes.

  • Petra says:

    Voor mijzelf koop ik niet zoveel tweedehands, maar ook niet veel nieuw. Ik vind het leuker mijn kast wat aan te vullen met zelf gemaakte kleding, want ik merk dat ik die veel meer aan heb. Voor mijn meiden koop ik wel tweedehands en ze krijgen van nichtjes kleding, voor mijn zoontje geldt hetzelfde en verder vul ik aan met zelfgemaakte kleding. Ik vind het heerlijk te zoeken naar leuke tweedehands spullen en kleren.

  • Eleanor says:

    I only buy underwear, socks, shoes and swimwear; the rest is almost all handmade plus a few thrifted or ethically made purchases (People Tree, Thought Clothing). I lived in Belgium for four years and used to buy all kinds of things at the kringloopwinkel, ‘Spit’, in Leuven. Happy memories! I can still read Dutch – especially sewing patterns – but would struggle to write now.

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