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Start to knit! New workshops online.

By 11/12/2017Blog

Two weeks ago, my very first ‘start to knit’ workshop was kicked off. It’s such a great experience for me. I’ve been teaching soooo many people how to sew, but passing on my knitting knowledge is a new challenge and I love it!

At the moment I have a group of 5 ladies following my very first knitting course. Some of them had little experience yet, one person never ever used knitting needles before. But I think this mix is great as a beginner gets inspired to see the opportunities with only two stitches like knitting and purling.

It’s so relaxed as the workshop is at my place, there are no sewing machine involved (I’m very sensitive to noise, so for me this is a relief.) and the participants are more relaxed too as they already know in advance that their project will not be ready by the end of the session. My first 5 workshop ladies get to know each other better as they see each other for 4 weeks. It brings another dimension in the group. Something I already notice after two lessons.

Since I enjoy the first sessions so much, I planned two more:

The first workshop is planned on a Friday morning: The workshop starts on the 19th of January. During 4 mornings I’ll show you the basics of knitting.
The 2nd workshop is planned on a Wednesday evening: The workshop starts on the 10th of January and again I included 4 lessons.

You can find the workshops and more info on the EVENTS page. I only have 5 places per workshop AND for the first one I have 4 places left, for the 2nd one only 3. So if you want to learn how to knit, this is the time! Don’t wait too long as I have the feeling that the places will be sold out pretty soon.

If you have any questions at all, just leave a comment! I hope to welcome you soon. As you can see outside (it’s snowing here!) it’s the perfect time of the year to start knitting.

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