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Stella Skirt: give-away!

One of the very first patterns I ever drew was my Stella Skirt. After making my third version, I though it was time to relaunch it. Together with my Swing skirt this pattern will be launched the 1st of November. I have the impression that Lisa loves her new Stella Skirt! This cognac brown velvet corduroy is the perfect autumn fabric. I think it coordinates well with blue. Three small pompons make it a little bit more special! And these shoes: again from ‘De Voetjes’!

I think my little Lisa looks sooo cute! Don’t ask me why she made this crazy moves. She’s just a funny little girl.

Some pictures without Lisa to show you all the details. I finished the waistband by hand. It’s a long time ago that I had the patience to do that. But I think it’s worth it! And the pompoms: I love them! Actually you can pimp this Stella skirt in many ways. The flat part is perfect for some creativity! Creativity is exactly what I’m looking for at the moment. I would love to ask your help. The pattern is finished, but the only this I don’t like is the description of the skirt. How would you describe this skirt in two sentence? The person with the best description (in English) receives a free copy of the pattern… Just leave a comment! The contest will be closed the 30th of October at 10pm.

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  • becky says:

    Your sweet girl will adore the Stella skirt! Made with thicker fabrics such as corduroy and paired with her favorite tights, she will be perfectly styled for the fall and winter months. A lightweight cotton will transition her nicely into spring and summer. A staple in her wardrobe that will be worn and loved year round!

  • Meriel says:

    The sweet Stella skirt is cut in a classic shape that can be dressed up or down! Make several in multiple fabrics, as it works in heavier corduroys just as well as lightweight cotton, and dress your daughter in style all year!

  • Make your little girl a Stella skirt for every season and she will still be asking for more! This pattern has lots of scope for sewing fun and creativity, ensuring your little princess can step out in style and comfort any time!!

  • Soft Cactus says:

    Very nice picture from the skirt in the tree!

  • Jessica says:

    I would say this is a beautiful, sturdy skirt that can be used in play or dress up occasions!

    jessicarwarfield at gmail dot com

  • Megan says:

    Playful, and sturdy, the Stella skirt is perfect to add some style to your child’s fall wardrobe. Make it simple for school or dress it up for a party with some simple embellishments!

  • The Stella Skirt, an adorable little skirt for the little ladies out there who know what they want. Make it sturdy or girlish. Always perfect styled, all year round.

  • Dotted Whale says:

    The Stella Skirt, comfy and classic for your little girl. ;)

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