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Summertime feeling!

What do you do when Nosh organic fabrics invite you to pick some fabrics from their new collection!? You obviously go for it. :) What do you do when you launch a new pattern that matches these new gorgeous fabrics perfectly? You combine both projects, right? But what if your two kids decide to become ill and you have to spend your holiday to take care of them in stead of going out and taking nice picture? You get stressed! AAaaaaaarrrrrgggghhhh!

Compagnie-M_jumpsuit_selfdraftedpattern 9

Let me explain you why: I made the most ‘extended option’ of my pattern with the new Nosh fabrics. The result is exactly how I hoped it to turn out. Yes! But as with every new pattern presentation I always try to present my work from the most basic option to the most extended one. And since I didn’t found time nor sun to present the easy options first (not even mentioning the ‘Nosh’ cardigan)  I had to find a plan B.

Compagnie-M_jumpsuit_selfdraftedpattern 6

Plan B was sewn yesterday evening. Oops! My idea was simple: if the sun doesn’t feel like cooperating, I just sew something for summer. Maybe it just need that extra push? Probably the sun just thinks that we aren’t ready sewing our handmade garments yet!?

Compagnie-M_jumpsuit_selfdraftedpattern 1

Nore loves wearing jumpsuits for summer. So I made her one. A self drafted pattern that came together pretty easily. My first shiring experience with knits was a bit of a risk because of the timing, but thanks to a piece of interfacing everything turned out how perfectly fine. What a relief. :) (By the way: I didn’t hem the jumpsuit yet. I first want to know how much they will grow before summer! I’m getting smarter and smarter you know. Hahaha!)

Compagnie-M_jumpsuit_selfdraftedpattern 10

Since there was still no sun nor sand for our photoshoot, we just pretended to be back in Greece to the sea side. Nore was talking to a friend using one of the shells. ;) Or just enjoining the sun!

Compagnie-M_jumpsuit_selfdraftedpattern 7

I think these new Nosh fabrics match perfectly with a jumpsuit, don’t you think? Actually these are one of the basics from the new collection to make sure to check out the rest too! I also love the looks Ines created.

Compagnie-M_jumpsuit_selfdraftedpattern 11

I’m sure I’ll be making more jumpsuits for summer. Lisa was already looking at me: can you sew me one too, pleaaaaaaaaassssssssseeeeeee?

Compagnie-M_jumpsuit_selfdraftedpattern 4

Who can resist these two cute ladies? I can’t! To be continued!

Compagnie-M_jumpsuit_selfdraftedpattern 12

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