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Susanne cardigan by Soumya

By 28/07/2016Blog

What I love about Soumya’s style is the bright colours she uses for her cute little girl. And that’s exactly what she did again for this Susanne blogpost! Thanks a lot Soumya for the inspiration. I’m in love the embroidery! I think one day I should try to too. All tips are welcome!


I never imagined I would take this long to present my Susanne cardigan! Especially when the cardigan itself sews up in a couple of hours! But what to do, I had a little trouble ordering the right kind of fabric for it. Unfortunately there are no local shops that sell good quality knits. And there was also the concern of the fabric matching the mostly bright and bold prints (obviously!) that my daughter has in her closet.

Compagnie-M_Susanne_cardigan_soumya 1
Thankfully, Marte was very kind to allow me plenty of time. After much contemplation, I finally took the leap and ordered a plain French Terry from Organic Cotton Plus. Now, the fabric I ordered looked like a gorgeous shade of ‘maroon’ on the website. But when it arrived it turned out to be a rather dull shade of purple. Not particularly exciting, but I had no other choice. It would be weeks until another fabric arrived! So I did my best to ‘liven’ it up a bit and here it is now!

Compagnie-M_Susanne_cardigan_soumya 2

I was as skeptical about the functionality of the cardigan as I was of the fabric. I was in love with this style for myself but wasn’t so sure for V. She is more of a ‘button up’ cardigan person. Even if it is a 100 degrees outside, she likes to be covered from head to toe! But now she actually enjoys this style. She is happy that she can take it on and off easily. She thinks of it like wearing a ‘cuffy’ (her word for comfy) blankie and is quite in love with it. And I am quite in love with the color too. I think the purple actually looks quite lovely in the sunlight and the yellow bias tape adds just the right amount of zest to it. I had it leftover from a messenger bag that I had made before .

Compagnie-M_Susanne_cardigan_soumya 3

The bias tape also blends really well with this dress. The dress itself is a modified Louisa – I just omitted the pocket and shortened the sleeve.

Compagnie-M_Susanne_cardigan_soumya 4

It was actually a serendipitous mod. I had ordered this yellow dobby from Miss Matatabi when they had their big sale recently. I probably ordered just over a half yard. But when the fabric arrived I knew it would go beautifully with the cardigan. So I chose to make a simple Louisa with whatever fabric I had. That’s why it’s much shorter than the dresses I usually make, but never mind; it works well as a tunic. As a dress it’s probably ‘retro-chic’.

Compagnie-M_Susanne_cardigan_soumya 5

Oh the drawings? Yes, I forgot to tell you about those! That’s Mummy, Daddy and Baby Bunny that V drew last year. I couldn’t resist ‘using’ them, so I hand embroidered them onto the dress.

Compagnie-M_Susanne_cardigan_soumya 6

I think mama bunny holding the baby is just too cute :)

Compagnie-M_Susanne_cardigan_soumya 7

We didn’t talk about the Panda also, did we? It’s an Iron-On Applique that I bought from Miss Matatabi on a whim. So glad I did, because now I can be assured that the cardigan will be worn often by V! (She doesn’t do very well with fabrics sans happy faces/ snuggly animals :| ).

Compagnie-M_Susanne_cardigan_soumya 8

It was actually my husband’s idea to position Mr. Panda above the pocket instead of ‘on’ it. This way it looks like Mr. Panda is ‘falling’ into the pocket. Guess some of my creativity is rubbing off on him ;)

Compagnie-M_Susanne_cardigan_soumya 9

Just kidding! I think this has made all the difference. Thanks R!

Compagnie-M_Susanne_cardigan_soumya 10

One last word about the fabric. I have never worked with french terry before, but this one is really thick. So thick that I broke my needle twice while serging. But I guess that is good for a cardigan, isn’t it? After all, a cardigan has to be warm and cosy; what say?

This 4 year old certainly thinks so.

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