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Susanne cardigan: by Lara

By 12/07/2016Blog

As I’m on holiday at the moment, the Susanne cardigan contributors wee is spread over more days. As we are wild camping from time to time, I publish the blogposts whenever I find good internet! ;) Enjoy Lara’s post!!!


I loved the Susanne Cardigan pattern from the first picture Marte shared in the internet. This is because I absolutely love it reduced but clever. But nevertheless it took me a few month to sew it. I think it was because I wanted to find a fabric that is as smart as the pattern. I was looking for a knit double face with a certain weight in my favorite colors (which obviously are grey and black:-)). Not easy.

Compagnie-M_Susanne_cardigan_1000stoff 3

And then suddenly I had to take decisions. I went for striped ribbing. Of the heavy kind. Same design on both sides so I could just flip the fabric to create the pockets. As I did not want a bias binding I  left the edges with an overlocked seam. Very simple.

Compagnie-M_Susanne_cardigan_1000stoff 4

Just a small hidden contrast on the inside of the jacket. A neon piping along the back facing. I really like these minimal details (if you like to see more projects, have a look here).

Compagnie-M_Susanne_cardigan_1000stoff 1

Compagnie-M_Susanne_cardigan_1000stoff 2

The size of the cardigan fits perfectly. At first I felt a bit uncomfortable with the front. Because the jacket is not meant to close over chest and belly. But now that I got used to it I discovered that it is perfect for this time of the year. When it is neither hot nor cold. When you are wearing a nice shirt but don´t want to show the goose bumps on your naked arms.

Compagnie-M_Susanne_cardigan_1000stoff 5Compagnie-M_Susanne_cardigan_1000stoff 6Fabric: striped ribbing, 1000stoff


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